Head office
42 Ou Higashibessho-cho Anjo-city, Aichi, 446-0013Japan
PHONE 81-566-76-5368
FAX 81-566-76-5269

Kyushu branch
Nets Sone chuo 1-31 Nakasone Shinmachi Kokura Minami-ku Kitakyushu city Fukuoka pref.
PHONE 81-93-475-4475
FAX 81-93-475-4476


Board of Directors
No. of employees
Depository Banks
Company's Vision
Special Features
Business Products and Services
Distinguished Clientele
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Founded: February 1972 Capital investment: 10,300,000 yen Annual proceeds: 1,140,000,000 yen(1997) 1,200,000,000 yen(1998) Head office: 42 Ou Higashibessho-Cho Anjo-City, Aichi 446-0013 Japan Phone: +81-566-76-5368 Fax: +81-566-76-5269

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Board of Directors:

President: Mr. Yoshimasa Ishikawa Executive Director: Mr. Izumi Ando Director: Mrs. Kazuko Ishikawa Auditor: Mrs. Tae Hibino

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No. of employees:


Depository Banks:

Tokai Bank, okazaki Branch Nagoya Bank, Okazaki-minami Branch

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Thing Tech Co., Ltd. began in January 1962 as a sub-contract of Toyo Kogyo (Toyo Industries), which was in turn a contractor of Toyota Motor. Previously known as a Ishikawa Bankin Industry eventually became one of Toyota Motor's contractors. Dedication to delivering quality machinery and services and our distinguished Clientele including Toyota Motor has allowed our company to thrive, growing over the years from 5 to a dynamic community of more than 25 full time employees. In September 1971, the head office and factory were established in Anjo City, Aichi, Japan. In February 1972, the company became the Shinsei Kogyo Limited Liability Co. A factory In Okazaki was built in March 1990 accompanied by another name change to Shinsei Kogyo Co., Ltd. In 1997 company became Thing Tech Co., Ltd.

Thing Tech Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of air conditioners, ducts, automated painting systems, dust collectors, and machinery used in automatic manufacturing processes. We also provides maintenance and repair our products.

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Company's Vision:

Our company's motto is "Reliability". We earn our customers' trust by delivering the highest quality service at the desired time. With our vast line of pollution control devices, we also contribute to the current effort combating environmental pollution. We strive to make this world a safer and more hopeful place to live.

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Special Features:

Thing Tech Co., Ltd. is only licensed distributor of Knight Industries' products.
Our exclusive relationship with leading American (Knight) manufacturers can be attributed to our superior technical skills and efficiency.

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Business Products and Services:

Dust Collectors Plumbing Ducts Welding Automatic Conveyors Maintenance and Repair of Machinery Factory Automation Equipment Ergonomics System Material Handling

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Distinguished Clientele:

Sinto Dust Collector Co., Ltd. Sinto Kogyo Ltd. Kyoho Machinery works Co., Ltd. Toyokin Co., Ltd. Toyota Tsusho Co., Ltd. Toyo Kogyo Co., Ltd. Paloma Industries Co., Ltd. Endo Kogyo Co., Ltd. Toyota Motor Ebara Engineering Service Co.,Ltd. Nippon Steel Co., Ltd.

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Registered No:

(3)45585, Permitted by Aichi Prefectural Goverment.

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