Bestapower the money and energy saver!

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Characteristics of rail system

Products' outlineBesta'Poweris a modular energy distribution system for compressed air and electricity which can be adapted simply and quickly at any time to new production processes. The system is deployed primarily in assembly shops which use hand tools and in partly automated working processes. Apart from providing an efficient energy supply, Besta'Power also facilitates the integration of equipment and the provision of components close to hand at the workplace. Minimal planning effort, low space requirement, great system flexibility and high ergonomic working comfort are the main features of the product.
Good points ・Easy to plan. Bestapower is a flexible and modular system.
・Fast, easy and safe installation.
・Individual workplace solutions with great working comfort.
・Easy moving trolleys and workstations.
・Safety for worker and cars. No spiral hoses with spring effect!
・No stumbling over hoses means fewer accidents.
・Easy expanding while running production process.
・Energy savings and low maintenance cost.
・Re-usable system.
Main Uses ・As power source rail system for pneumatic tools in assembly factories.
・Set position at dressing line.
・As power source for robots.
・As jetting oil rail system.
・As movable assembling stand.
・Supplying oxgen and etc. for medical equipments.
Besta power products' Information about Besta

Conventional systems
Difficult to calculate air supply and consumotion   It needs both hose and rail.t needs construction one by one for taking out air.
Hoses tangles each other.   Choking problems.

If it is changed into "BESTA POWER"...


BESTA POWER components ' example with tapping valve

BESTA POWER components ' example with energy chain

Energy cost and CO2's reduce

Besta Power reduces pressure loss because of spiral hose and it cuts electric power of compressor.
Then, it realize cost and CO2's reduce.
Please refer to following figure:

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